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Antique Wood Flooring Fireplace Mantels Farm Tables Wood Countertops Paneling Reclaimed Wood Log Cabins
Antique Flooring | Reclaimed Wood Flooring

In our workshop, we craft Antique and Reclaimed Wood Floors in a range of varieties, sizes, and styles. We carefully preserve the wonderful patina and great character.
Tongue-and-groove as well as wide plank wood floors are available. Give us a call, we have some batches not shown. Click on any of the varieties below for more pictures and pricing.

Reclaimed Pine Floor
Back in September, a gentleman and hobbyist woodworker came to our shop to mill some reclaimed wood into flooring. After pulling...

Barnwood Floor
Spectacular. That's how I'd describe this Minnesota sun room. It's always nice to receive pictures from our clients. This room ...

Antique Floor - Hardwood Mix
A great hardwood mix include yellow elm, rock elm, red elm, red oak, white oak, and ash.You'll find stable knots, minor cracks, beetle trails, peg mortise holes, and . . .

Antique Floor - Rock Elm
Rock Elm is an unsung hero of the woods available in the reclaimed industry. It is virtually unavailable on the modern, commerical market. It has a fairly light color with a hardness. .

Antique Floor - Reclaimed Red Oak
Reclaimed Red Oak is the traditional hardwood floor, and with good reason. Oak offers a strength, durability, and beautiful flowing grains. It is also easy to work and accepts . . .

Antique Floor - Weathered White Oak
White Oak is popular these days with its hard surface and lighter color. It is particularly good for developing a wonderful patina, or unique natural color, over time . . .

Antique Floor - Reclaimed White Elm
While not so commonly used in the United States, Yellow Elm (aka American Elm) is an incredibly beautiful floor. Elm is commonly used in furniture in Europe.

Antique Floor - Reclaimed Pine Barn Wood
Talk about great old color and patina. The backside, not the front side, turns out to make an excellent floor. While pine is relatively soft, and will show the wear, it has . . .

Antique Floor - Reclaimed Douglas Fir from Granaries
Granary reclaimed Douglas Fir shiplap siding can be a real treat. If the material is well aged, but kept dry, it develops a wonderful deep auborn color. This is the patina. We recommend

Antique Floor - Replacement Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir is commonly used as a beautiful, reclaimed wide-plank blessed with a nail holes and other character marks. It offers very straight grain with a variety of hues . . .

Antique Floor - Wormy 1890s White Oak
Imagine an old log building construction of oak logs spanning as long as 28 feet! One of these big boys weighs upwards of 1000 pounds each. That must have given the horses . . .

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